Monday, November 28, 2011


Blondie and I took off to Radio City Music Hall today to catch a showing of the Christmas Spectacular, or as I like to call it "Rockettes". It was a really good time - we had a lot of fun, and they even had a 3D experience to it. How awesome is that???

On the walk over, NYC is putting on her fancy dress for the holidays

Radio City Music Hall - decorated for Christmas on the outside

Radio City Music Hall - decorated for Christmas on the inside

And just because - NBC's SNF decorations. Hello Mr Rodgers!

Jets v Bills

J! E! T! S! JETS JETS JETS!!! Wooooo hooooooo - they won one! Perfect weather for tailgating and football watching - couldn't have asked for anything better.

Let's get this party started!

My hat didn't fit my head correctly

NYC in the background

This gives me vertigo, too many beers and I get fancy with the angles

I'm sure the Jets are about to do something pretty crappy here

The T-Day Parade

Not many photos here, because as soon as you got under the balloon, all picture taking / cell phone talking / etc was halted. Immediately.

Here is what we've got though....

Pikachu, he's our man! Getting ready to walk the loveable 'thing'

What *exactly* is Spiderman doing to that ball? Possibly the best balloon pose ever???

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

I've had a crush on Bryant Park since I first saw Project Runway - it was the star of the show (well, I had a bigger crush on Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, but Bryant Park was a close 3rd). I take every opportunity I can to walk by Bryant Park, and sometimes will take the wrong train home just so I can get out at Bryant Park and make my way through the city that way. I'm lame.

After many whiskeys on T-Day Eve, Blondie and I decided the best way to spend our time was ice skating - we were both uber wobbly, but still had a blast.

I'm not letting go of this wall

Blondie is a much better skater than me

Random pictures, October edition

Back 12 hours from Barbados, and we had a massive snowstorm

Hanging out in Brooklyn as we tried to decide where to live


Again, not a NYC picture post. But it's Barbados. It was GORGEOUS there. Absolutely stunning. And it was a vacation that was desperately needed - we were both suffering terrible burn-out, and I don't know what kind of head state we'd be in if we hadn't taken this trip.

On the patio overlooking the Carribean

Hanging out on the beach

Someone needed a beer... how come all Carribean beer tastes like Heineken to me?

This shot makes my heart ache. Vacation RULES

Balloon Training

Part of the requirements for being a balloon handler is taking balloon training at Meadowlands Stadium - or so we thought. It wasn't actually required, but it was a beautiful day and getting out of the city (if only for a morning) was really nice. We didn't walk Clifford, we had a cop balloon instead. But Clifford was fun to see in action.

Fully inflated and ready to fly

Holy crap, these balloons are big! Here we go...

Clifford flies! And he has a cute butt too